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08-06-2015, 20:39
Hello all,

I've really been enjoying this game on both PS4(to race with friends who are casually interested in racing) and PC(for me to be more anal and get wheel time to stay sharp for real life). I think it's significantly better at release build than any other sim racer was at its release before it. It sounds like it's going to keep getting better and better, which is impressive given that the game is already more or less pornographic to me.

Anyway, today I've spotted what appears to be an issue with an inappropriate jump start penalty. I managed to take pole in an online race at Bathurst. On the standing start before the lights, the car immediately behind me jumped the start before the lights had even started, collided with my rear bumper, and pushed me forward beyond my grid box. This person then disconnected from the game and there was a delay while "syncing" appeared on the screen. When the lights started and turned green, I was immediately given a drive through for jumping the light when I don't believe I had actually done so--I'd just had to start from beyond my grid marker, and several of the other cars actually had better drive off the start than I. I built a gap large enough to serve the penalty and retain the lead; however, on pit exit I had a 60 second speed reduction penalty the moment I was given manual control. This was more hilarious than anything, as it made me a giant pylon on the narrow straightaway leading to turn 2 at Bathurst. This straightaway and turn is one of the most treacherous in online races to begin with, since it seems like the majority of people struggle with the width of that straightaway as well as the way that the suspension loads up in turn 2 (I don't use the ideal line or anything like that, and I wonder if the ideal line assist in that corner is part of the reason that it's such a catastrophic corner in online races?). Not a problem in the end, and I actually ended up regaining the lead after closing the monumental gap.

To recap, it appears that there were two strange issues:
1. Players can jump the start and push the car in front of them into a position that may lead to an automatic or highly probable jumping penalty
2. Either the drive-through penalty itself or the angle at which you regain manual control on pit exit at Bathurst leads to a track cutting penalty

In the interests of critical thought, it's important to consider the fact that (1) I could have actually jumped the start, (2) the fact that the player disconnected and the game had to "sync" played a role, and (3) I may have received a track cutting penalty on pit entry or something, which was then applied after I regained manual control. I don't believe that either 1 or 3 happened, since I actually took a horrible start (I was busy thinking about whether I could reverse into my grid spot without getting a penalty, how I was going to start with my nose pointed toward the inside wall, whether my damage was going to be performance impacting, etc.) and I was careful going into the pits. I'm not sure about 2, since I don't know how the "syncing" function affects grid starts.

Thanks for reading & kind regards

08-06-2015, 20:43
Apparently the penalties for "cutting the track" in pit lane is getting fixed in the first update that comes out. I am not exactly sure how people who played the game before it was released didn't notice it, but it is what it is. :rolleyes:

The part about getting hit and given a jump start penalty is an issue that I hope they address. That is a pretty big deal and can ruin your race.

08-06-2015, 20:47
Oh, okay. So going through pit lane results in a track cutting penalty at least some of the time, and that's a known issue? Good to know.

Yeah, assuming that getting hit caused my penalty, then it is definitely an interesting issue. I am not sure how they would address that without adding the possibility for a spotting lap to try lining up again, or automatically resetting the grid.

Umer Ahmad
08-06-2015, 20:58
Yeah happened to me also. Qualified first. When placing cars on grid someone bump me forward and i get penalty. after few laps 80% ragequit and i finished 4th place i think.