View Full Version : Unhandled Exception - Only Restart fixes it until next time!

08-06-2015, 20:53

I keep getting this from time to time whilst I'm racing. The screen freezes but my car I can hear & control as force feedback on my wheel is active still and I can hear the engine revving and grass/sand rustling. After about 10-20 seconds Windows Error sound plays and the screen goes black and I have two of these messages showing. The only way I can fix it is to restart my PC.

My Graphics settings are as follows:
"Mode" adapter="0" width="1920" height="1080" refresh_num="60000" refresh_dem="1000"
"Vsync" vsync="0"
"FrameLatency" framelatency="1"
"AntiAlias" antialias="9"
"FXAA" fxaa="0"
"SMAA" smaa="4"
"Windowed" windowed="0"
"TextureFilter" texturefilter="5"
"TextureResolution" textureresolution="2"
"Brightness" brightness="10"
"CarDetailLevel" cardetaillevel="3"
"TrackDetailLevel" trackdetaillevel="3"
"ShadowDetailLevel" shadowdetaillevel="4"
"MotionblurLevel" motionblurLevel="2"
"EffectsDetailLevel" effectsdetaillevel="2"
"EnvmapDetailLevel" envmapdetaillevel="4"
"MirrorEnabled" mirrorenabled="1"
"EnvmapReflectionDetailLevel" envmapreflectiondetaillevel="4"
"GraphicsLevel" graphicslevel="6"

My PC Spec:
CPU: AMD FX 8370 @4.5GHz with AIO Corsair H105
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Vengeance LP
GPU: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G

SSD: Crucial M550 512GB SSD for Windows OS
HDD: 2TB Western Digital Red is where my game is installed

Wheel: Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Can the Developers please look into this because it's annoying when I'm trying to relax and have a drive.

Attached is my Debug Error Report generated by Project Cars.