View Full Version : Brno-lost tyre due touching stack of wheels slightly,missing tyre not shown in replay

08-06-2015, 21:47
In an online race at Brno i touched a stack of wheels ever so slightly and suddenly lost my entire front wheel. Is them tyres supposed to be made of cement?
Anyways, this missing tyre isnt even shown in the replay.
Heres my recording:

Pause at 0:11 and you ll see that i barely hit the stack of wheels.

Umer Ahmad
08-06-2015, 21:51
Was the missig tyre shown (not shown i guess) during the live race? I'm just trying to determine if the not-missing-wheel is simply a replay problem.

Not sure what the tyres are made of but in Formula cars you want to avoid touchig anything

08-06-2015, 22:12
The tyre was gone during the live race, its just a replay problem. I know that you shouldnt hit anything, I barely hit the stack of wheels, but the right front tyre flew away as fast as lightning, i mean i couldnt even see it flying, it vanished at a moment's notice. In addition i wasnt even cutting the corner, so why did i hit a stack of wheels? It should only punish you if you cut the corner = 4 wheels off the track. It should be put a bit more to the right.

09-06-2015, 06:29
Looks indeed a bit odd. It could be though that the position of the tire stack between the live-game and the replay is a bit off.

Did anybody else encounter the same thing? Slight touch of the tire stack rips your wheel off?

09-06-2015, 07:32
I had the same thing in a formula c car last lap of the race had a good lead glanced the stack of tyres and off came the front wheel. It cant be to much contact because the car wasnt unsettled at all it was kinda as if the wheel just fell off. It wasnt on the same corner as the above poster but it was at brno

09-06-2015, 07:34
Thanks, will add it to the list