View Full Version : Ai driver refuses to pit

08-06-2015, 21:57
Playing on pc, track was Sonoma running the gt4 class in the American endurance series. It was about 2 hours into the 3 hour race, wheny engineer came on and said my tyres were looking worn and to come pit. my ai driver was running and just ignored the pit sign repeatedly until 2 of his tyres blew, he then limped around before finally pitting.

This behavior actually explained a lot, because there were a lot of cars spinning off the track, with sparks flying out from under them, and just not stopping to pit. It was causing a lot of lmp cars to rear end them and at the end of the race, the gt4 class cars took top 10 positions because all the lmps crashed out. Guess all those other gt3 and gt4 cars had blown tyres too, but just didn't pit until they ran out of gas.

Side note, during the same race an oreca 3 spun out, nose first into the inside wall by the pit entry, and just sat there. The game put the caution flag up, but the car took away the inside half of the track, and remained there for the whole 3 hours