View Full Version : Bug: Qualifying session results not saved contrary to what pop up says.

08-06-2015, 23:01
Completed a qualifying session that had to leave and do other things. Upon hitting quit it gave me the option to save qualifying results so hit yes. Upon returning and selecting race was starting in last place. Was with the caterham at silverstone in the road uk career event.

28-08-2015, 20:11
I want to bump this thread as I have already experienced this bug quite a few times. The most recent example was the LMP900 Showdown at Ruapuna Park (career invitational event) but it appeared in several other career events, too. I finished the qualifying and clicked on "Leave" as I didn't want to do the race right after. The game asked me if I want to save the results of the qualifying session and clicked "Yes". When resuming my career and ready to race, I then had to do the qualifying again even though the progress should already be saved.
However, if you jump from qualifying straight into the race without going back to the menu your progress is saved. Therefore, if you want to do the qualifying now but the race at a later date, go straight to the race after you finished qualifying and choose "Leave" while being in the pre-race menu. This will save the results. Unfortunately, this is not a solution to the problem but just a way to avoid the bug and the qualifying result should be saved nevertheless.