View Full Version : Career saving problem

09-06-2015, 01:14
Hey everyone, I have been playing career mode on project since a couple days after disc release in U.S. Up until today I have not had any major issues. I am on Xbox one with all patches up to 1.3. I am on season 3, I was had finish qualifying for second race in GT3 Euro championship. I go on and race sprint race, I decide to save replay, it gives me a message failed saved hit retry or cancel. I try retry and same thing. I say well I must have saved too many replays. So I go and do second race after it finishes I can save progress. So at this point I am concerned, I back out and try to re-enter my career but it says it cannot load. So I turn off box and unplug didn't try hard reset. I turn back on after power brick light goes out and try to re enter and same thing. I decide to try and create new career and it does not save that. Career is locked on menu screen. I played FIFA everything saved and loaded as normal something with PCars. Has anyone else experienced this. Or can point me to a thread if this has been discussed I have read a lot here but don't remember seeing this issue. Thanks everyone, because I really love this game.