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09-06-2015, 02:19
Ok, as the title says I am quite new to the Project Cars racing scene but have been playing racing games for years and am a big fan!

The situation is me and my buddy, both on PS4, are sick of these online lobbies where you are either: a) up against people who would be more at home on Mario Kart or b) people who intentionally cheat or quit. Me and my friend are looking for some sort of group/league or something where we can race properly. We both like a competition edge so a set-up league would be extremely attractive to both of us, out of the two of us he is probably the better; but we both have some improving to do and are more than willing to practice and learn.

We are both extremely clean drivers, there have been instances before where we have accidentally clipped someone and then let them retake the position in order to "show fairness". Unfortunately there are only about 10-15% of other multiplayer drivers who believe in clean racing.

So if anyone can either advertise a league to us/me or point me in the right direction then that would be awesome and much appreciated!

Cheers guys, thanks in advance and good luck!


09-06-2015, 02:59

09-06-2015, 07:03
I believe you're looking for Matsuo Racing, we have over 200 members, nightly lobbies, and a sunday cup race league with prizes. The cup has already started so you can't enter but it broadcasts live if you'd like to watch.