View Full Version : PC pitbox is occupied during GT3 race on SPA

09-06-2015, 03:34
AUDI GT3 LMS /SPA/GT3 career race 5 lap pit stop required

The spotter told me to pit on lap two @ SPA but I wanted to pit on the third lap. So when I come into the pits I get a message that says my pitbox is occupied so my car just rolls right thru without stopping. Are there not enough pit stalls at SPA? It would probably be nice to know the status of my pit stall before I pit in.

Morgan Henstridge
09-06-2015, 04:29
Might have been your teammate if the pit was occupied.

Sounds like the strategy was for you to pit on lap 2 and the teammate on Lap 3.

If this happens to me, i just go around again and it is always cleared the next lap when i have had it happen.

09-06-2015, 05:06
Happened to me the first time I went to pit "realisation set in when the car in my pit had the same paint job as my car " :mad:

Lesson learnt , I have always made sure my pit was empty from that race on :semi-twins:

Morgan Henstridge
09-06-2015, 05:15
Yeah, i always wait until i have 2 full laps of fuel left, and request the stop as soon as i cross the start finish line.

This way they have plenty of time to know I am coming in, and if it is occupied first time round, just keep going and pit will be available next lap around.

09-06-2015, 19:08
Thanks guys I was not requesting to pit so trying that in addition to customizing my pit strategy should help. I was just pulling into the pits whenever I felt like it would benefit me before.