View Full Version : Tyre pressure when pitting

09-06-2015, 09:54
Last night running in our Blancpain GT3 Practice around Brands Hatch GP Circuit, I was using the BMW M3 GT, I had the tyre pressures at
2.45 front left
2.32 front right
2.05 Both rear tyres
Now my issue isn't my choice of pressures but when in the race, in a 20 lap race with x4 tyre wear I pitted around lap 10 for tyres, I have set up various pit strategies for various cars, weather conditions etc but noticed that the pressure of the tyre wouldn't go above 2.00, which felt like a completely different car to what I was driving before my pit stop, and no it wasn't down to fuel load as I put in enough fuel to last the race distance.

Anyone able to help? Is this going to change in Patch 1.4?

Dynomight Motorsports
09-06-2015, 11:12
That would be called a Bug. I've had the opposite happen when I changed tires all my tires were +2.4 Bar and felt like driving around on basketballs. You have to love the 1.5 seconds you get to check your pit strategy when pitting. Thankfully something about pitting will be addressed in Patch 1.4 Perhaps it will help address this issue.