View Full Version : Full time spotter

09-06-2015, 13:49
Would be nice if we had a full time spotter in game, so we know when the cars are beside us and what not, rather then just it randomly popping up at points

09-06-2015, 14:09
I think this only should be the case in Oval races since they use spotters there in real life. In circuit racing you should watch your mirrors while racing :) Always try to be aware of your surrounding. When you enter a corner, always check the inside line.

09-06-2015, 15:09
I agree a blind spot indicator would be a great addition. Even with using the rear view mirror, look behind etc there is still a sizable blind spot on most cars where you cannot see a car that is next to you. Yes I know there is the look left and right function but in the heat of battle its now easy to use this that is if you haven't already remapped this off your wheel for other functions.

Siberian Tiger
09-06-2015, 15:11
According to Ian Bell (Head of SMS) we will get a Spotter Functionality SMSoon :)

We don't know any Details atm...

Ian Bell
09-06-2015, 15:16
It's coming in a future update. It'll be basic but useful.

09-06-2015, 15:23
Well that will make things alot more usefully i hate getting run over by another formula 1 car LOL

09-06-2015, 15:58
A traffic light type arrow system would be good.
Green - car approaching.
Amber - car close.
Red - car alongside.

I am sure some LMS cars run this for real