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09-06-2015, 18:37
We will be running a league based on the games LMP1 and GT3 cars, with multi class racing if there is enough interest and diversity in the sign ups.

We usually run an F1 only style league based on the codemasters games, but it's time to try something different/better.

It's a UK based league, obviously anyone is welcome, we are aiming to race on Fridays at around 8pm, although all of this can be tweaked to suit the majority of peoples needs if it means we can get more people racing.

details regarding the league and how it'll be run are all on the site, there are some loose ends to sort out which i would welcome some input on, but details such as the race distance, tracks etc ( although we'll go with the best/most popular tracks most likely and let members pick a track each or something )

signup thread: http://10tenths.net/index.php/topic,169.0.html

league info thread: http://10tenths.net/index.php/topic,168.0.html


Base race settings:

Distance: TBC ( i'd like to do longish races that last at least an hour )
Tracks: TBC

Force Interior: NO
Force Manual Gears: NO
Force Realistic Driving Aids: YES

Stability Control: NO
Traction Control: NO

Damage: FULL
Mechanical Failures: ON
Tire Wear: NORMAL
Auto-Start Engine: ON


Weather: RANDOM
Race date: First provisional race date is 19th June
Time Progression: to be confirmed.

Provisional tracks:

Nurburgring F1 circuit



Catalunya F1




Laguna seca

Brands hatch




12-06-2015, 22:51
I am a little disappointment your idea did not take off. I was following it closely and was interested. I once tried to organize a wheels only and no assist group; there were just a few people interested but not enough to form a regular group. There is the usual talk a of few wanting realism in their competition but as you found out, there is very little interest for a no assist league no matter what the game. My dream league would be a forced cockpit view with no assists, preferably wheels only. Even the new PS4 controllers have trigger style buttons used for accelerator and brakes, so there should not be a great need for traction control. I wish you good luck and maybe reconsider.