View Full Version : WSVR Le Mans 24 test session- Wednesday 10th June - 20:00UK (21:00 CET)

09-06-2015, 19:48
In the run up to this Fridays WSVR Le Mans race event (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?26971-PC-World-series-Virtual-racing-Le-Mans-24-special-event) a two hour official practice session will be held tomorrow night, Wednesday 10th from 20:00 UK (21:00 CET). Participation is not mandatory but will give anyone a chance to test and work on set ups and strategy online.

Server will be called WSVR LM24 and will be active just prior to the session start. No Password will be set and anyone can join but admins will monitor behaviour. All driver encouraged to use the WSVR teamspeak channel, details can be found via our website www.worldseriesracing.com

Session option will mirror the race settings, session will be real time with real weather.

Places remain open for the event for any interested drivers

12-06-2015, 19:25
This event is still on, however we're having a lot of problems with the awful PCARS server application. We're getting a lot of "Dedicated server has not been found" errors on client side when setting up. All worked perfectly over the last few days in testing, no config changes at all. It has to fail tonight...... :mad: