View Full Version : Bizzare McLaren F1 Zolder Invitational Disaster

09-06-2015, 22:44
I raced in the 3 hour McLaren F1 Invitational at Zolder this evening when something truly bizarre happened. 60% A.I., pro settings, visible damage, assists off.

It happened about 28 minutes into the 30 minute race. I had just pitted 1 or 2 laps before and was running a close second. I was coming down the straight right before the pit entry and BAM! The car lifted, my wheel jostled about, it was loud. When the car regained it's composure, the tires were all blue and I had no ffb. I paused the game and the wheel stiffened back up while in the menu, but it let loose when I resumed the race. I couldn't control the thing so I exited out.

Upon looking at the replay, it appears I hit an invisible wall ..... from behind ... and nothing was around me ... just BAM .... and suddenly ice cold tires an no FFB. Where is the replay you ask? As I tried to save and upload it crashed, so I have no evidence.

Anyone else experience anything similar?

09-06-2015, 22:57
Yes this has happened to me before and I have come across a couple of videos and posts of the same type of thing happening , i'ts a glitch within the game but seems extremely random as It happened to me online also driving in a race on Bathurst not a sole near me and BOOM my car felt like a hit a brick wall :) RACE OVER FOR ME and confusion set in !

Re run the race bud , it has happened to me twice and I have run a lot of races so it's not going to occur too often , they will fix whatever it is eventually .

09-06-2015, 23:27
Thanks, I didn't see anything on my searches. Well, at least I'm not alone.