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09-06-2015, 23:38
So I log on for a bit of online mayhem and find the GT3 my preferred class has mostly empty lobbies but one has 15 players so yeah perfect get in there .
90 minutes of qualifying also known as 75 minutes of naughty website browsing goes by and I head back to the game because the race is about to start.
Well holy hell it has now filled up to 32 players .
Click here to see how that turned out > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5V82r7U2H4
Good thing I didn't spend the whole 90 minutes doing actual qualify laps or I would be pissed .
Still an utter waste of time though.
It was a 16 lap race so surely any sane person should realise the first corner is not going to win the race .We ended up with 5 cars crossing the finish line and were down to 10 by the end of lap 3 with the rest dropping out after .
I was hit twice by the same two guys .

It all sounded like such a cool idea to have races with a huge amount of cars on track but in reality it does not work ,especially with humans that drive worse than 1990's AI .

09-06-2015, 23:42
It looks so ridiculous with how easy the cars lift off the ground. It looks like NFS: Shift.

10-06-2015, 00:28
Not sure you can blame any of those human opponents. The cars are glitching around all over the place.

10-06-2015, 00:38
This was a scene 206938 of the spectatores jumping all over the place as they went past206940

Mythbusters Racing
10-06-2015, 08:44
Played some GT3 at Road America today and right at the start cars started glitching out and crashing, luckily I survived about 2 laps before someone rammed me and I got aero damage.

10-06-2015, 08:56
The race was full of amateurs trying to race in professional cars on a serious track and were all laggy (something you cannot avoid even if you try - needs some patching). The same chaos would happen in RL if the same low level of skill was strapped into those cars. To avoid this dont play in a public room with that amount of entry's on the track. Race amongest better opponents that can handle the cars and tracks they decide to race on and your experience will increase dramatically.

There are plenty of threads asking for clean racers to add each other to their list.

Public rooms never guarantee fun or success no matter the game online.

Here are two examples of popular games online:

BF4 random rooms have anything from hackers to teamkillers to people that cant shot for shit,to helicopter taxi men,to blind tank drivers that roll over anything. You do better joining/getting friendly with decent clans that host their own servers and administer to ensure rules are stuck to and matches played fair

iRacing: Low level licence category's and & daily races for licence points no matter the licence can result in rammers, divebombers and laggers , especially if you choose(buy) a popular series mainly played by countrymen of a different origin (v8s for example), you just dont know what your going get. Once you meet good racers via the official forums many host their own servers and the racing quality goes up ten fold.

TLDR public lobby's no matter the game, can and often do suck. There are better ways to study the force young Skywalker

10-06-2015, 09:57
Try joining a website such as racepartment.com and race with sim racers rather than the normal online idiot who is just out to spoil peoples fun. RD hold Club race events for PCARS most evenings but you may need to become a premium member.

10-06-2015, 23:28
All well and good this joining groups and what not but as I said when I joined it was the only lobby with more than 2 people in it and only had 15 racers at the time .
I can see lots of people were lagging which I find strange seeing as I am from the land of slow internet and most of the people in the race were Euro where internet is faster and closer to the actual host .