View Full Version : Advantage, Bug or Solution?

10-06-2015, 00:02
Hi there,

I've just been out on a 5 laps race @Nordschleife. There was a qualifying, and I've been lucky to set a validated lap. None of the others did.
So I've been set P1 with the others lining up behind me. It's been a rolling start.
The race starts with all cars lined up, right after the last righthand corner the virtual starting sign shows up and I was given control when it went green.
That was pretty nearby if not on the starting line of the track.

That moment the whole field has still been behind the last right hand corner - as if they've been slowed down.
It's been a neat advantage for me and I've enjoyed a crashfee first corner.

I was confused as I'v not seen this before, I have been slowing down until some others catched up a little more. For 2 laps we've had a really nice intense and crashfree race. Racing fast and close on Nordschleife with ProjectCars is so damn addictive!
Sadly the race ended up with 2 guys waiting for us right right before the last corner actively blocking and crashing us. They were lucky with one of us.
These moments are really sad for the ones who race, I really hope a system to prevent this will be implemented, the game absolutely deservs it.

But I still ask myself what was going on with the race start? Have I been given advantage because I've been the only one qualifying? Has this been a bugged start, or is this already part of a solution?

See you on track! falkeGT