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HF Integrale
10-06-2015, 07:09

Hardware is in the signature at your request :-)
Picture of the crash is attached.
Bug files as well

Career mode freezes as I try to click and start it. Other modes (i.e solo, on line etc) are working fine. I uninstalled the game and then restarted it - same problem. I performed a *clean* install of nVidia's latest driver.
No overclock done to my system.
I ran prime95 for 1.5 hours with no problems.
I used steam to verify local files but it did not find any problems (though the problem persists).
The only way to "fix" it is to delete the .sav file and destroy all my progress (and I **definitely** don't want to do that).

Please help.


Bruno Alexandre
10-06-2015, 09:12
Hi there, could you please post your profile file as well with a password protected rar/zip and send the password to me through a PM ?

Also provide some extra info on where and how this issue happens please.

HF Integrale
10-06-2015, 15:19
Thank you so much for replying.
Here's the profile "default.sav" I hope it's the right one.

The computer started restarting mid game while I was on Career Mode. It didn't restart during other games. At one point when I went back to continue my Career, it happened. The game loads, and when I click the "continue" in career mode the game freezes, but I still hear the sounds, I have to ctrl+alt+del to get to task manager (ctrl+shift+esc doesn't work) and that's when I see the error pop-up message.

28-06-2015, 15:21
Hello, has this issue been resolved? I have the exact same problem that you have described my PC restarted whilst in Career mode, now only Career mode doesn't work and crashes to desktop with that error

Bruno Alexandre
02-07-2015, 09:53
Not yet, we're still trying to find the origin of this issue.

02-07-2015, 14:03
looks like theres a few of us having this problem

23-07-2015, 12:26
has there been any luck with this isssue its been a few weeks thanks

24-07-2015, 01:44
Just started getting the same problem It worked fine last weekend. I just noticed it after I downloaded the Audi Ruapuna Park Track Expansion. It may not be related but seemed to happen after I downloaded it.

01-08-2015, 09:56
Does anyone know if the devs are aware of this problem? I hope this can be fixed soon. I am unable to continue my career :distress:

16-08-2015, 12:58
Same problem here:


Sorry about my poor english, so i ll try explain what i do before this error happend.
1) Playing on Online;
2) Play Carrer mode;
3) The game show me 3 new emails, i guess: 2 Invitation and the others i can remember.
4) Started the race on carrer mode
5) Im loading screen, appears this error.

28-11-2016, 20:10
I have same problem. Unable to enter Career Mode. However, Online and normal race mode works just fine.

Hope this problem will be resolved soon.

29-11-2016, 02:10
The only way to resolve it is to start a new profile/career.