View Full Version : Horizon 2 and Porsche

Charles Gillen
10-06-2015, 07:24
Just went to check out Forza Hub. I havent been there in a while. Much to my suprise, Horizon 2 has a DLC for 10 Porsche cars. Apparently a kind of preview for Forza 6 as I'v read that they will have Porsche also. So I guess T10 has managed to obtain the license once again.

Did I buy it? No, I cant really bring myself to drive in horizon anymore.


10-06-2015, 11:09
I bought the Porsche DLC last night and it is very good like all the Forza products.

Myself I play both PCars and Forza Horizon, they are different things imo and both great in their own way. I will also be buying Forza 6 when it arrives but that doesn't mean I will stop playing PCars.

I am never really sure why people are quite so partisan about these games, but each to their own opinion obviously.

Charles Gillen
10-06-2015, 15:04
Dont get me wrong here. I have nothing against Forza or Horizon. Got many hours playing both and have been a fan of T10 for years.

After driving Pcars though, the Forza cars pilot like boats. Just would have to switch gears is all.


10-06-2015, 15:13
i have nothing against the game but it always left me wanting more. it always felt like everything i wanted in the game was watered down with frilly little distractions and nothing i wanted was as in depth as the painting and "extra" stuff.

in short, i enjoy them but i like more actual motorsports and racing than they have to offer. im not a fan of fast and furious type movies.

10-06-2015, 19:08
I bought the porsche DLC yesterday. I only tested the 918 for the time being
But I spend some time on storm island this morning. Nice to play for time to time.
but FH2 is less interesting now. I stopped after completing the first FH2 tour (12 championship in career). I still do the rivals events every month