View Full Version : Problem with session time progression.

10-06-2015, 10:55
I was running a 60 minute qualifying session, set a good time on my first run, so I set time progression to x60 until about 20 minutes to go, then put it back to real time for a moment while I watched what everyone else was doing, then set it back to x60 until 10 minutes were left.

All the other cars pitted and stayed there, as if they had run out of time and I hadn't. It was great for bettering lap time even further, but not great for realism!

It's the first time I've noticed this, and I have a feeling (I might be wrong) it has something to do with cycling the time progression, going from x60 to real time off the end of the list. If you see what I mean.

Is this bug already on the fix list?