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10-06-2015, 11:23

I got a problem when using my Thrustmaster T100 on PS4. After calibrating the wheel, the on screen wheel changes into 900 degree rotation meaning that if I turn my wheel just a bit, it turns a full round on the screen. Can I change this in settings somehow? I really want to use the interior view but it's really distracting when the on screen wheel rotates so much compared to mine.

If I don't calibrate the on screen wheel looks fine and turns just like mine - but without calibrating the T100 turns a couple of degrees to the left when centered. :(

Hope someone got a solution - and that you understand my English. :D Not my first language.

Edit:After 2 hours of racing I can see and feel that the calibration didn't help at all. Wheel still turning a few degrees to the left when centered.

On top of that the deadzone is really dead. It feels like hitting a wall when you turn the wheel and get out of the deadzone. Doesn't help to adjust deadzone removal.

10-06-2015, 13:25
About the 900 degrees: I assume you calibrated your wheel wrong. With the T100 you should end up with a total of 240 degrees after calibrating.

About the deadzone: check your steering sensitivity in the general settings. Having that value set too low will cause your wheel to only respond during the final degrees of rotation. I've got mine at 50.

10-06-2015, 16:11
Plug the wheel into the PS4 first before launching the game.

TheReaper GT
10-06-2015, 16:58
And why don't you disable the visual wheel, the car have just one and it's in your hands. (i'm assuming that your problem is merely graphical and the car behaves as intended regardless of the graphical representation)

11-06-2015, 04:38
It is recommended to calibrate the wheel to 240 degrees where it tells you to put the wheel in 90 degree position. Just pay attention to the on screen instructions and you should be fine.

11-06-2015, 13:19
Ahhh... Yeah, I clearly made a mistake when calibrating the wheel. Thanks. And I turned of the visual wheel... Much better.

Still got a small issue with the wheel. When centered the wheel turns a couple of degrees left. Don't know why. Got no problems on PC or in other games. I can feel it when turning the wheel as well. I get out of the deadzone more quickly when turning right than left. It's barely visible but I'm a bit of perfectionist.