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10-06-2015, 13:03
I would like to know, is it still possible to join WMD? I'm more interessed in this game than I ever could have imagined and would love to have more inside info and be able to contribute to this amazing simulator. I like the way SMS uses the community's help for developping and testing.
Since I dont have a powerfull enough PC, I play on PS4. I wonder, were there also WMD members testing on the PS4 or was this all done on PC?

Siberian Tiger
10-06-2015, 13:07
Sadly at the moment there is no possibility to join WMD... The Funding and Registering was closed a good 1.5 Year Ago (Or 2).

The testing from WMD was on PC Platform only, the Testing on Console was made by External QA Companies...


The developement of pCars 2 will start surely sometimes down this Year, and perhaps there will be a possibility to Join ;)