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10-06-2015, 13:06
The update when released, if ever, and the newly added cars all come to the user via dlc, so how do they have nothing to do with one another. Maybe u guys should work on the game as hard as u work to make this forums 1 sided and shut down anything someone has 2 say u dont like.

10-06-2015, 13:07
And to all u sticking up for the game, get your mouth piece and helmet... The short bus almost here

10-06-2015, 13:08
:hopelessness: Two different teams working on Bugs, and working on Car models and physics. THats why they are seperate, You would know that if you bothered to look in the forum AT ALL because theres a 22 page thread with EXACTLY the title you used.

Ian Bell
10-06-2015, 13:09
Thread closed.

Infraction mods.

Friend, we run this place, not you. Additionally, all members are entitled to their opinion. Reopening new 'closed' threads (closed due to them existing elsewhere, is a breach of forum rules).

Second infraction for telling the team how to do their jobs and abusing fellow members.

10-06-2015, 13:09
I linked you to an already existing discussion on this topic. There's no need for multiple threads about this.


TheReaper GT
10-06-2015, 13:10
Jesus Christ dude, go plow a field or something, you are embarassing yourself.

People who work on content are not the same people who work on bug fix or the same people who work in the damn forum.

Siberian Tiger
10-06-2015, 13:10
Have you Read the Link in the other Thread?

The Art Developer (Car Modeller etc.) DOES NOT make Code Work.

The Patch needs (mostly) Code fixing which is the work of several Programmer....
It was the Plan to Release the Patch BEFORE the DLC, but due a Crash on the Patch, the Patch got Delayed. (It will come probably next Week)

DLC Marketing AND Distribtution was planned and can't be hold back...

You can enjoy the DLC WITHOUT the Patch ;) - Or you can wait...

10-06-2015, 13:11
Now really closed