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10-06-2015, 13:31
http://i.imgur.com/NOQ9sS4.jpg (http://imgur.com/NOQ9sS4)
What do you guys think about this? I see this happening sometimes. Not only in this track but there's other tracks with high and bad corners where you really don't want to cut. I don't remember track name but loaded some fastest ghost cars yesterday and they were really getting some air time there. I don't think it's possible to stay on track without assists or in race doing it every lap.
Maybe it's okay... game thinks it's okay because you can make that laptime. I think it's cheating when hot lapping... in qualifying or in community event. Or passing someone. But two cars can't get through there and no one want's to give their position.

10-06-2015, 13:51
Well .... i hadn't realised people were cutting this particular chicane until i was in a multiplayer race and was at the back ( everyone locked to the same car) and lapping constantly seconds slower than the front runners. A few laps later i happened to gain on the car in front and he used this cut lap after lap , safe to assume many are using it.
As far as wheel to wheel goes into this chicane ...well , i personally tend to concede the corner if it's not gonna be mine come braking point and slot in behind the other driver whether i'm on the inside OR outside . If the other driver has the front wheels ahead , i just back out , there's simply no point trying to take this chicane side by side.

I think it's one of those where you have to rely on the other driver's racecraft and respect for you.

As for time trial...well it just shouldn't happen , nobody should be allowed to drive that line.....like many people always say : what if there was a wall there? or barriers ?

I personally think it's a great overtaking spot , just not enough people know when to concede a corner. It can happen that you run wide whilst side by side in a heated battle , you get there quite fast usually , it's uphill , can't see the apex as you approach the braking point.