View Full Version : Le mans "fps drop" between 1800Z and 1900Z yesterday 09062015

Michael Moe
10-06-2015, 14:01

Dont know if this is an issue on my system but after Mulsanne and on the straight to Indianapolis my fps is going from 50-60 fps to 14 fps between this time in the sunflare with 15 cars in a race but only 1 or 2 visible.

Real weather was selected (very few cirrus clouds)

Havent seen anything like this on any track


Michael Moe

10-06-2015, 14:02
I would bet money on a background process doing something that upset your system. Windows Updates maybe.

I'd keep an eye on it and see if it keeps doing it. There is a thread about assistance, that I'll dig out in a sec for reference.

*Edit: Here it is: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22375-Technical-TroubleShooting-Steps-WIP-NO-CHAT-PLEASE

Have a look through this to see if it can help if you're still getting the issue

10-06-2015, 14:06
is this a one time occurrence? if this happened during that 1 race only you probably had something updating in the background. have you tried to run that race again with the same settings to see if it repeats itself each time?

Michael Moe
10-06-2015, 14:08
I run flight simulation Prepar 3D as my first passion so all background process is killed i can asure with these CPU hungry simulation :-)

btw. its only on this side of the track

Michael Moe

10-06-2015, 14:08
Try Motion Blur OFF (this reduces the problem, but doesn't cures it 100%).

Michael Moe
10-06-2015, 14:11
Will try that


but strange as it seems not to bee a stressed place on the track ?

Michael Moe

10-06-2015, 14:17
We discussed the issue already here:

Also contains some brake marker "nitpicking" (as le mans is coming).