View Full Version : Fuel load

10-06-2015, 14:27
Call me stupid but I cant see anywhere in the tuning set up to set fuel load, the reason I'm asking is that ai get faster in the race as they have less fuel on than in qualy. I was racing the palmer jag for the 10 mins race and it starts me with 75 letres of fuel and I only need 25 Max.

So is there a way to set fuel load other than in the pit stop set up as that doesn't seem to effect the start of the race fuel load

10-06-2015, 14:30
Under TUNING SETUP in the menus when in the pits before going out onto the circuit if you cycle through to the left (I think it's engine related stuff) there are two slides - one for qualifying fuel load and one for the race fuel load.

Hope this helps.