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10-06-2015, 15:33
Has anyone done a HPDE / Track Day since spending some time in Project Cars? Did any improvements translate over to real life? I'm currently a level 4 (out of 5) at Summit Point in Group 1 (after only 1 track day). My biggest issue was navigating the wheel on my 135i. I had a tendency to let the wheel return to center as opposed to navigating the wheel to center; otherwise felt like it was a decent showing and a great track day experience. Hoping PCARS improves my driving when I go back in a couple of weeks. In the game I've noticed I've go considerably better at rolling out the wheel after the apex, and keeping the revs up in underpowered cars.

Here's a vid from the HPDE session (hoping summit point gets released in PCARS so I can do a comparison with the 1M):


10-06-2015, 17:07
Hey kramard,

I'm the Chief Instructor for NASA Central Region. I often encourage drivers to use sims for some practice while not at the track. However, with anything that is not the real thing, it will only help if you use in a manner which is conducive to helping. What I mean by that; players who are trying to win sim races are going to find and exploit any weakness of the sim engine to win. If you are using sims to race competitively online, then you will have to do the same which distracts from how you will drive your real car.

If you use sims how you will use a real car, then you can use them to help with your real life track performance. The main area where sims help is with "finding the line". Learning how to find the line and how to correctly put the vehicle where you want it is the same.

On another note, never turn your head backwards on the track! ;)

10-06-2015, 17:27
I've found the opposite for now. Having raced around Oulton I find I'm more competitive there in-game now, as I know that place back-to-front. Tho I'm sure when I get the chance to get back on track what I've learnt in pCars will ultimately help.

Oh and "quarter past 9", not 12 o'clock. Maybe it;s the road steering, but watching you put your hand on the top of the wheel makes me shudder :)

Don Ente
10-06-2015, 17:41
Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I'm watching your hands. :(

After almost 10 years as a HPDE Instructor, I agree with the other responses. Using a video game to improve real-world track driving *can* help, but only if you focus on *how* it can help.

In your case, at this point in your "HPDE Career," I'd say you could *hugely* benefit from practicing hand positions / actions while playing P-CARS (I assume you're using a wheel with P-CARS). You should only adjust hand position *when you must* - that means leaving 'em at 9 and 3 unless your arms start to cross (roughly speaking, have an instructor show you). Also, never leave your hand resting on the stick --- keep it on the wheel until you're at your shifting point, then shift and get right back in place.

- Don