View Full Version : update still waiting on other 3rd parties??

10-06-2015, 17:57
is the update still being reviewed by microsoft etc?? and steam and sony per say...
jesus, 1.5 will be ready by the time they approve it...

they need a kick in the butt

10-06-2015, 18:00
Pointless thread.

CPU M Rossi
10-06-2015, 18:01
SMS is giving out more info then most devs would(that I know of), so just chill in knowing things are being fixed and not having to watch wait till the patch goes live to find out what it fixes or doesn't fix.

10-06-2015, 18:06
Yes it's still in certification process. Latest news: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?29158-Project-CARS-All-Platforms-Upcoming-Patch-1-4-Release-notes&p=972394&viewfull=1#post972394

Guys please don't open "When will the patch be released?" threads again and again. You'll be the first to know when SMS has a fixed date.

Thread closed.