View Full Version : custom triple screen set up

10-06-2015, 18:45
hi guys and gals,

i have a 3 screen setup that i force intot the usual windowed mode with custom resolution.

this is working frin but i need to tell the game to open up in a specific location not 0,0

i dont know the command line for it id assume its something like -x -600 -y 20

but i cant seam to get it to work.

if i tell the game that my left screen is main screen it works ok but games becomes laggy and choppy

cheers if anyone can help

heres image of my set up

10-06-2015, 21:12
Please list your system and setup specs in your signature so guys can more readily help you;)

10-06-2015, 22:09
hehe why do you need my system specs?

Game runs fine i just need the window to be forced to start in a different location and wondered if there was a simple exe argument i could put in after my -windowsize 5025,800