View Full Version : Controller racing settings anyone have good smooth setup?!? Please share!!

10-06-2015, 19:15
If anyone has a smooth controller setup could you please share your settings with me. Would love the input please and thank you! And I'm meaning all steering and dead zone etc....

10-06-2015, 19:46
i use the standard control setup and i manage laps like these

10-06-2015, 19:49
I'm looking to see if I can get it better. Thanks though. Please share of you have a smooth setup. Thanks

10-06-2015, 20:55

I got these off a thread in this forum, works great imo. Plenty of others too, try searching for ps4 controller settings

10-06-2015, 21:22
Ok thanks! Keep them coming.

10-06-2015, 21:25
The attachment didn't work. Can you just put info in the post. Thanks!

11-06-2015, 00:17
Throttle x button, brakes square button, handbrake L1, clutch R3 but don't use it, head lights touch pad, kers right stick up, DRS right stick down, stability control down button, traction control up button, cycle camera triangle button, look behind R1 button, gear shift up R2, gear shift down L2, you can figure the rest it works for me online... Races entered 126, pole positions 27, 1st place finishes 20, podiums 56, other 67, dnf 3. Average finish 4th. 6 wins on the green hell. And you know how multiplayer is already.

11-06-2015, 00:22

This is a similar thread thats loaded with the info your looking for.
If this link doesn't work try typing the name of the info your after in the search box, located at top right hand side of the page, eg. 'PS4 controller settings'