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10-06-2015, 22:04
Hello all,
have been reading a lot, new here, unfortunately little time to post, sorry...

Awaiting to see the actual graphics boost Windows10&Dx12 will give us all, I am striving to understand what would be better for my gaming rig: triple 27 Acer Xtremes or a BIG Ultra HD, maybe from Panasonic... Then again, is it compulsory to spend €600 on 3x27 monitors? My 40 1080p kills me with its pixels, the 24 is just crap on all the line... Had three in the past, but still too small.
Given that money doesn't grow on trees for me, and that the HW setup I'm looking at means to ditch the new 970 for a pair of 980Ti's in any case...
What would provide the most immersive and realistic simulation? I use this in the few spare moments I have, to recall & train real racing...
Please feel free to share your XP, I really need your point of view from real experience!
Thanks :-)

11-06-2015, 02:56
A single, large, curved montior would be best. However, they aren't cheap:


Triple screen provides something similar, at a much lower price (granted, you can pick 3 very expensive monitors which would then make the price difference not worth it). Personally, I think the amount of screen real estate you get with 3 monitors is hard to beat for race sim immersion.

11-06-2015, 15:33
I've just gone with this today:


I looked at the single wide monitor, but you lose so much of the periphery as Mahjik mentions. I am upgrading from 3 x 22" Dells, so should be a fair old upgrade I think. Well when I get chance tonight to try them I'll know for sure.

11-06-2015, 16:37
I am testing a 65" curved UHD TV at the moment and it does have the drawback of slightly less peripheral vision over my sFOV 84" setup for sure as I can't get it over my wheel body, it has to sit behind, but it does have a similar horizontal real estate as 3x 24" but almost triple the vertical. I'm used to big screens and have tried many variations to get to this end, but this is so far the best visual immersive experience I have had so far, maybe a different kind of immersion to the 166 degree 26.5" radius curved 84" 21:9 projected (1080p projector) image I'm used to, but the clarity wins for sure with 4K at this size.

What I have tried so far:
Triple 1080p/1200p 24" lacks vertical real estate and the bezels do my head in.

Single 32" 16:9 2560x1440 is just not wide enough or tall enough.

The 34" 3440x1440 curved ultra-wide screens (tried 3 different types, they all went back)have better horizontal size but the vertical real estate does not do a simulator justice and the IPS glow/edge bleed is very common and spoils the screens (in general)

40" 4k 16:9 is fantastic for clarity, but again, I missed the width I was used to with triples and sFOV.... good height though... and 3x 40" would be great, but 12K... hard to drive them properly.

The only thing is that when you seek immersion, it gets expensive if you get the bug!

EDIT: VR headset - I tried the OR DK2... it's just no good for me on so many different levels, compared to sFOV which gives the greatest immersion in my experience.

11-06-2015, 22:55
Thank you all three for the precious contributions! :-)
In the end, I really think that you are all righ, in one way or the other, let's brake it down:
- G-Sync Triples
PLUS top peripheal vision
PLUS G-Sync technology
MINUS Bezels
MINUS average vertical fov/real estate
MINUS you need a proper stand for them
-65/85 4k TV
PLUS top overall vision+clarity (this counts really a lot for me)
TBD if really impacting... 60hz refresh rate max
TBD input lag
MINUS the curved screens don't actually perform as well as high end flat TV's, just look at Panasonic's lineup...

It really is a can of Worms, triple screens is easy to know what to expect, TV is a shot in the black...
Keep it flowing please :-)