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TheReaper GT
10-06-2015, 22:28
Someone posted that video showing the first person view of a Corvette driver on the Daytona 24. I was watching it like a little kid in front of some GI Joes when at 8:40 a thing cought my attention. I'am watching it again to see if the thing appears sooner. The onboard monitor is actualy showing incoming cars with an glowing or blinking arrow and the side they will pass. Some of you must have seen this before, but to me is a first.:


10-06-2015, 22:35
Not seen that before, looks good. I wouldn't be surprised if that kind of technology found its way into the driver less cars of the future.

10-06-2015, 22:58
yeah that is Corvette Racing's radar system. Been around for a few years now and I'm surprised you haven't heard/seen anything about it.
for your viewing/reading pleasure:

Umer Ahmad
10-06-2015, 23:18
It's the Bosch radar system.


(Honestly, i think SMS can recreate it if they wanted to, that would be....madness)

TheReaper GT
11-06-2015, 00:10
As I've said, pretty awesome and I'm sure a lot of people never saw it before.