View Full Version : AI Pit Strategy - Do they have any?

10-06-2015, 23:41
Formula B, First race @ Hockenheimring with mandatory pitstop, 100% length.

AI cars start to pit as soon as the pitting window opens, you can jump to 1st place simply by not pitting till lap 10, and gain lots of positions overall by being patient and doing some decent laptimes. It's striking how early the AI goes for new tires overall, as if it's balanced only for short races. Even worse, some of them will pit for a second time just a couple of laps before the end of the race, so if by any chance you're not leading yet, you will probably win the race anyway.

2nd race, sprint race (no mandatory pitstop) @ Hockenheimring, again at 100% length.

Gained 5 positions when all five AI cars (the 5 leading the race!) decided to pit simultaneously just 4 laps before the end of the race, while I didn't have to.
AI was set somewhere between 80%-85% if that matters, and damage was off. And no changing weather conditions of course.

Would like to see this improved at some point. AI should do more laps during longer races before going for new tires.

11-06-2015, 13:13
Replying to my self, but totally forgot to check the tire wear setting. I currently have it on "Real" but can't rule out having it at x2 at the time. If that's the case it makes sense that it could be responsible for the extra AI pitstop. If so, apologies, I'll have to try again to make sure.

Still, even on a 30+ lap race, the AI cars will start entering the pits as soon as the 2nd lap and most of them will have done so by the 10th lap which is a bit of an immersion breaker for longer races I think?

11-06-2015, 17:20
i am currently stuck in my career progression on zolder (dont really like it like nord, too disruptive to my racing style and latter just too long), anyway why i am stuck is an invitational season in the lotus renault classic formula one car a few rounds in, at 7 laps the rain comes down on every repeated race i have ran across, so time delayed. the problem being is that by that point i could maybe keep the car on the track to about around lap 9 if i am very lucky before i wouldnt have a hope in hell.

the ai doesnt seem to care if its fully wet with slicks and going as fast as if it were dry (now i know this is already known, so dont need to get into that one), however the point is that the ai should of come in to change tires because within about 3/4 of a racing lap, around lap 8 the track is just wet enough for inters and no good for drys unless the race track is dry enough and enough cars going around on it to keep the racing line relatively dry, but even then it will quickly get worse as the dry rubber is washed away and the car aquaplanes. the ai should be affected by the weather conditions and some ai should be brave enough to stay out while most of the others play it safe. perhaps even an odd ball ai that thinks its possible to brave the conditions on the wrong tyres and hope it improves. it would certainly improve the ai as far as realistic behavior is concerned. but primary is the pitstop and how the ai reacts to changing weather.

same should be true on a full race distance of mid double digit laps, between 30-80 laps. ai should have a varying pit window and the ability to select different types of dry weather tyre to make things interesting. if there was a chance of some ai can do a scott dixon, having a fuel refinery on the back of its car just somehow producing enough fuel to make another lap or two and keep the speed.

there is a lot of room of scope for the ai, not just these but racing lines and difference in driver behavior so it isnt always a trulli train.