View Full Version : Game loads to black screen then goes back to desktop

11-06-2015, 04:00

I have had this issue since day one, and read a post saying to delete the graphicsconfigdx11.xml file which worked for a while, but has stopped working altogether now. I am running a triple screen setup at 5760x1080 resolution on a Intel i7 2600k, with 16 gb of memory with a Nvidia geforce 780 GTX, on windows 7 64bit ultimate. I have a G27 steering wheel with a Thrustmaster gearshift and fanatec pedals. The game was running fine when i was able to play it and all the controllers were working seamlessly together. Now, when I launch the game through steam the screen goes black and I see the Mad Dog studios logo and then it minimizes to the desktop. When I click on the Project cars open window icon it won't maximize. I need to close the application and then it stops and closes completely. I am at aloss here, please help with my problem!!! Oh and I have the latest Nvidia drivers 353.06 and my windows is up to date. I have included the dump file.207087

Alan Dallas
11-06-2015, 05:21
Known issue. If you have Logitech Profiler installed make sure it is running before you launch the game. If it's not when pCARS launches and goes to connect to your G27 Logitech profiler will launch and try to become the foreground application. When that happens pcars gets minimized and can't regain focus. The other workaround is to remove Logitech Profiler altogether.

If you already don't have profiler installed or running and this is happening then some other application you have running is stealing foreground focus from pCARS.