View Full Version : Field of View Help Please?

11-06-2015, 16:44
When I race, I normally run the hood/bonnet view as it allows for the best view of the track. However, I've noticed that there isn't as good of a view when trying to figure out who you're passing when they're beside you. You can only see cars to your left and right when they're 1:1 with your hood (exaggeration, yes, but it gets the point across). I've begun using the interior and helmet views, as they allow for better side coverage, but it doesn't work for me in all cars (like right hand wheel cars and cars with small interiors).

I realize that this is a FoV thing and I was wondering what a is good amount of FoV for the hood/bonnet camera that allows for decent side coverage?

Thank you in advance.

11-06-2015, 18:11
Please go into the option menu and assign buttons for seat position and look, then visual menu for zoom values. Hope this helps.

11-06-2015, 18:38
Doesn't really help on the PS4 due to not being able to use pad and wheel together....