View Full Version : WPF C# API Demo App - Source Included

11-06-2015, 17:01
I started this thread back in the WMD only days, so I've just transposed it over to the public side.

I created a demo app in C# just to help the community members with the API, as there were a few gotches in making it work with C#. It's nothing special, and probably breaks many coding rules (I'm no full time developer). But it does work, so should give anyone that needs it a helping step in the right direction that little push.

If you use the code, then please let me know if it was useful. If you create an app based on this then please consider posting your work in the forum for others.

The code is hosted on BitBucket as a public resource: bitbucket pcars-api-demo (https://bitbucket.org/MikeyTT/pcars-api-demo/overview)

15-07-2015, 02:30
Hello MikeyTT,

i started programming with the pCars API with your demo. It was verry helpfull, thanks a lot.

After this i moved to C++/CLI, so there is nothing left of your code in my programm.

Thanks for posting this in public!

greetings Archivar.