View Full Version : Just amazing....

11-06-2015, 17:23
I just finished my first top 50 time trial with the McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail on Le Mans (Driving Assists realistic). The car feels great, a real monster. The guys from SMS really did an amazing job again.

Yes there is a lot work left like the next patch.

But this game has so much potential. Never had this motivation in a racesim before, trying to find the best setup or improving the own style of driving.

I'm really excited how it feels, when I switch from controller to wheel :cool:

Thank you so much SMS! Keep up the good work!

EIR slingbun
11-06-2015, 17:30
This game is the cat's pajamas! :)

11-06-2015, 17:41
This game is the cat's pajamas! :)

Never heard this phrase before . . .but after using Google I can now agree to that:cool: