View Full Version : Anyone running crossfire with windows 10?

11-06-2015, 18:05
Hey all. I was going to buy a 980ti, but I found somone selling an r9 290x Tri-x for $200. I am extremely tempted to buy that card and crossfire with my current 290x. With such a huge price difference, and the hassle of having to sale my 290x if I get the 980ti, it really makes buying that 290x really attractive, even though I am not a great big fan of crossfire. So I am wondering if any of you are running crossfire 290's or 290x's in win 10. Not really concerned how it performs in Win8.1 since 10 is coming in 6 weeks. I'm trying to make a good educated choice here, and obviously my wife would prefer getting the cheaper card. So let me know how it's working for you guys. My goal is to be able to run the game at high settings on triple screens (1050p) at 60fps. Ultra would be nice but would probably need to 980ti's for that, so keeping it realistic.