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FTW Leceur
11-06-2015, 18:28
Project Cars has brought my love for sim racing back. Bought the Thrustmaster TX 458 wheel and have a Fanatec wheelstand to put it on. My chair however sits on wheels so when racing it would move around, very annoying. So I looked online for a DIY solution and found this:


Will post progress here.....

-First of all I ordered and paid for the plans with Paypal. Within a day I received the plans and instructions through email.
-Took the shopping list of MDF parts to be cut and Nuts & Bolts needed to the local hardware store last Saturday. I shopped for all the required hardware. MDF cut-outs are ready today.
-I Used Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to print the plans real size onto A4 (30 pages). As there are paper margins when printing, I had to use a small paper cutter to trim off about 0,5cm off each side of the A4’s. Result:
-Received the MDF parts. Cut out all the A4 pages and taped them to all the MDF parts. With a pencil drew the outlines and drilled small holes for where all the bolts will go in. Took me 4 hours. Tomorrow will start using the jigsaw to cut out all the parts.

-I pre-fitted my XBOX ONE/PC Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia wheel and pedals to the MDF wheel and pedal base before cutting. The wheel fits fine, but the pedal base is a bit bigger than the drawing. So I adjusted the outline on the pedal base to make it fit.
-After outlining all the parts I used a Jigsaw to cut out all the racebase parts. (2 hours)
-Time to drill the holes and smooth the edge’s with sandpaper.

-Sanding all done, time to test-fix the parts together to see if everything fits right. This is where it got a bit ugly. Not all the holes were perfectly aligned, so I had to re-drill (make bigger) a lot of holes to make the bolts fit correctly.
TIP1: When printing the blueprint, take it to a copy shop that can print it on 1 large piece of paper. If you print it on multiple A4’s, you end up having the holes skewed lightly.
-Next problem. The seat is only held in place by 4 large M6x50 screws. This won’t hold higher weights (like mine) and so all 4 screws broke right through the MDF when I sat on it! I turned the seat around and fixed 2 beams to the seat on the underside.
Paint time.

-Painting coming along nicely. Guess the brand.....
-Have sent emails to a load of sponsor companies for stickers :)
-A nice Project Cars sticker for the back is also welcome :)

-Painting done (needs to dry a bit more but had to put it together!)
-Received some positive emails from various sponsor companies they will send some stickers :) (1 even sends a Ferrari cap!). Anybody from WMD reading this and willing to send stickers?
-Tomorrow I will also get a second hand Karting seat that will fit to see how that sits.
-Put a quick clip together to show the wheel base mechanism for getting in and out and how to adjust the length to accomodate people with various lenghts. (Bad audio quality on the iPhone...)



Franco Ferrari
12-06-2015, 07:26
Nice. :)
I always loved DIY and woodwork.
The MDF is awesome to work with.... But it's heavy as hell. :(

Guess the brand.....

Mmmh.... Kamaz?

FTW Leceur
12-06-2015, 09:06
I won't be carrying it around much ;)
Kamaz is wrong color ;)

FTW Leceur
12-06-2015, 19:36
OP Updated. Only stickers left.....

13-06-2015, 10:55
Very cool nice work mate :).

FTW Leceur
14-06-2015, 20:56
First test drive:


FTW Leceur
15-06-2015, 11:26
Just received the first stickers. From Hublot. They also put a free Ferrari cap in the box! WELL DONE and THANKS!

Franco Ferrari
15-06-2015, 12:20
I'd prefer a higher support for the back, otherwise your neck will hurt a lot pretty soon in that position.
Also, probably more room for the elbows (or a higher wheel position) is advised.

But please... use the cockpit view!!! :)

FTW Leceur
15-06-2015, 12:56
Still looking at what a good seat would be to put in the rig. Height of backrest doesn't bother me though.
Yes elbow room is an issue for me as is the height of the wheel. The wheel is just to low. This is by default in the drawing so will need to find a way to raise the wheel up. I am 1.91 meters tall so that doesn't help either.
When playing multiplayer/online lobbies I prefer the rear view so you can see other people better without crashing into them. And I just got used to playing this way. Easier for me.

Franco Ferrari
15-06-2015, 13:20
Yes elbow room is an issue for me as is the height of the wheel. The wheel is just to low. This is by default in the drawing so will need to find a way to raise the wheel up.

You probably just need to modify this piece...

...into something more like this.

...just slightly more elegant than my sketch. ;)

You may want to make it "hollow" to save some weight too.

Neil Hopwood
15-06-2015, 14:04
I made a riser out of some 2x4s on mine to raise the wheel.

My racebase has served me well, but I'm in the process of building something new so it can be retired.

FTW Leceur
15-06-2015, 14:11
Was thinking the same things Franco, or move the front part with the pedals upwards a bit.

15-06-2015, 14:33
Looks great, defo be better with a seat.

If it were me, I'd bring your TV down to eye level and get out of chase cam view though.

FTW Leceur
15-06-2015, 15:08
Yeah TV will come down and trying to play with internal cam now and then.

FTW Leceur
20-06-2015, 14:26
TV has come down in the meantime and right in front of me at eye level. I raised the steering wheel platform a little as the wheel was in a downward angle, much better now. Also used velcro tape with sticky backsides to anchor the pedals as they were moving around a bit.

Received tons of Brembo stickers and a nice letter from Italy today :)


FTW Leceur
25-06-2015, 17:30
Received Kaspersky stickers today, and again a free cap! EPIC.
Just waiting for Shell, AMD and SKF stickers and it should be all done!

FTW Leceur
02-07-2015, 22:16


21-07-2015, 10:22
please show us a movie how you "jump in" into your Ferrari. :applause:

FTW Leceur
21-07-2015, 16:38
please show us a movie how you "jump in" into your Ferrari. :applause:

At 100kg there is not much "jumping" involved ;)

22-07-2015, 14:00

FTW Leceur
22-07-2015, 14:08
TD9KX2 base kit with extra's and TD20SX module