View Full Version : Visual FX - Can someone tell me what these functions do?

11-06-2015, 18:52
Can someone briefly explain what the following functions on the Visual FX tab (XB1) do? Or link me to where they are explained (I tried the search function)?

Post-Processing Filters
Global Specular Irradiance
Exposure Compensation
Crepuscular Rays

Thanks in advance.

11-06-2015, 18:58
Post processing filters - not sure bout this one.

Bloom - makes light sources "bleed out" into their ambiance

Global specular irradiance - light is reflected by various objects and surfaces. I.e. from the tarmac, other car parts etc.

Exposure compensation - makes light sources brighter

crepuscular rays - visible sunrays. I.e. when you're passing a tree with the sun behind it, you can see the sunrays. Also referred to as "godrays".

11-06-2015, 19:52
I was wondering about these when i first saw them, left them as the default setting o.o good to know though

Roger Lee
12-06-2015, 00:54
Post processing filters adjust the image slightly to allow a more natural look to the colors, especially grassy areas. You used to be able to cycle thru many different post processing effects similar to what is in the photo mode.