View Full Version : I need some info on SimVibe.

11-06-2015, 21:14
I'm thinking of getting SimVibe but I need some info on how to wire up the hardware side of things.

What I have now is three monitors on one GTX 780 through DVI/HDMI while the second 780 has nothing conected on it.
Realtek audio with modified drivers outputs 5.1 audio through optical to my Tritton AX Pro decoder and from the decoders subwoofer output to the Buttkicker LFE amp. with one shaker.

I know that to get SimVibe to work I need to make use of a second audio source. What would be best?

1. Use a HDMI converter that allows me to send the audio carried in the HDMI output of my No.1 780 to optical and the Buttkicker amp on the analog Realtek.
2. Same as option 1 but from my No. 2 780
3. Keep the Realtek for audio and figure out a way to conect the audio from one of my 780's to the Buttkicker amp.
4. Keep the Realtek for audio and use a cheap USB sound"card" for the Buttkicker amp.

I do not have space in my system to add a dedicated soundcard internaly.

Thanks in advance,