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11-06-2015, 21:28
I have been playing this since launch and overall I have to say I really WANT to like it. BUT.......

So far have been lucky not to really suffer the issues posted in this forum to any great extent but tonight has left me cold...

1. Kicked to dashboard four times.
2. All cars had lost their setups, gearing ratios all set to max accel. and gears 3-6 all at same ratio.
3. 10 seconds in the lead of an online race (nothing else in sight) at Bathurst and <something> hit me on the start/finish straight. End of race.
4. FFB lost three times on my TX setup over the course of the evening.

This was in the space of three hours, my mate was disconnnected from the lobbies so many times he actually never got a race in between 7 and 10pm.

I don't care how many times you want to say we are aware and we are fixing it, a month down the line and the bugs seem to be getting worse, not better.

You have taken a complete liberty selling a product which is absolutely NOT fit for purpose, the bugs overlooked (despite the repeated delays of the product) really do leave a lot to be desired. I have been playing racing sims since Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond on the Atari ST, followed by 2,3 & 4 on PC come through all iterations of Colin McRae rally, every WRC title, all the V Rally series, Sega GT, all TOCA and Grid games, all Gran Turismos, ALL Forza (except Horizon 2 as I hated 1), all the PGR's, every F1 title released on consoles since 1994 and this is the most bug ridden incomplete title yet.

Stop giving the excuses, just tell the community WHY?
Why release a title not ready for general sale?
Why use paying customers who have paid full price to be Beta testers?
Why did you not use a Steam early type model for diehards to do this testing at a reduced price prior to then releasing a product that would work consistently?
Why when it could be so right, did you get it so wrong?

The potential is great, some of it is brilliant, but that some does not cut it when the basics (ie just getting the software to leave the setup screens without a two minute save - just WHAT is it doing?) are so poorly implemented.

I look forward to Forza 6 taking your ideas around weather and tyre modelling and implementing them around a title which will give the racing community what it wants. If they fail then perhaps GT7 will finally achieve the same furore as the original GT did when it came out on the PSX.

I await the seemingly normal tongue-in-cheek response the developers appear to give anybody else who dares to point out the deficiencies of their product.

11-06-2015, 21:33
To save you any responses you don't like I'll close this.

All the answers are on the forum already. If you choose to not like those and expect something different then sorry to disappoint you.