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11-06-2015, 22:00
Hello everyone!

A date has finally been picked for the season opener for the International GT Racing league, our very first season. There's still plenty of spots available, so feel free to sign up if you would like to come race with us. The server will have a password, there's also a possibility of prizes for the top 3 drivers at the end of the season(steam cards, free steam games, etc. but this is still undecided). So far we have 9 drivers signed up, all GT3 cars, however the races will be multiclass so we're hoping to get a few LMP1, LMP2 and even GT4 drivers signed up.

Forum (http://igtr.forumandco.com/)
Steam Group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/igtracing)



30 minute practice starts at 2PM EDT, 15 minute qualifying at 2:30PM EDT and race start at 2:45PM EDT.

1. 07/05 -- 29 Laps(203KM) -- Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
2. 07/12 -- 37 Laps(200KM) -- Brno
3. 07/19 -- 43 Laps(200KM) -- Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP
4. 08/02 -- 41 Laps(201KM) -- Imola
5. 08/09 -- 35 Laps(203KM) -- Autodromo Nazionale Monza GP
6. 08/23 -- 39 Laps(201KM) -- Nurburgring GP
7. 09/06 -- 56 Laps(202KM) -- Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
8. 09/20 -- 31 Laps(202KM) -- Road America
9. 10/04 -- 34 Laps(200KM) -- Silverstone GP
10. 10/18 -- 15 Laps(204KM) -- Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans

Points System

1st - 25
2nd - 18
3rd - 15
4th - 12
5th - 10
6th - 8
7th - 6
8th - 4
9th - 2
10th - 1

Allowed Vehicles

GT Class
Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3
Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4
Audi R8 LMS Ultra
Bentley Continental GT3
Ford Mustang Boss 302R1
Ginetta G55 GT3
Ginetta G55 GT4
McLaren 12C GT3
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
Ruf RGT-8 GT3

LMP Class
Alpine A450
Audi R18 TDI
Marek RP 219D LMP2
Marek RP 339H LMP1
Oreca 03 Nissan


If you have any questions, please message me on here, steam or on the iGTR forums. I hope to see you on the track!

Alan Gamester
13-06-2015, 18:03
I am really interested in this Series is better to sign up at you forums or here?

13-06-2015, 18:25
The iGTR forums would be best :)

16-06-2015, 23:33
The iGTR forums would be best :)

As I said in iGTR's Comment tab on Steam: <<< EDIT: Ignore, I got ERROR trying to post there, so here are some suggestions for iGTR race planners:

iGTR race planners:
Here's a few suggestions for your 2015 Sunday Race Schedule (no offense intended):
1) Consider starting an hour (or 2) earlier e.g. 1PM or Noon EDT, that should make it possible for more western & eastern Europe players, and its better for those of us on US West coast;
[If done, Revise the original post in this iGTR forum page http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?30821-PC-International-GT-Racing-Season-Opener to be consistent);
2) Consider providing detailed info on iGTR's Steam EVENT tabs for Each race event, incld track, car class(es), date & times, race restrictions, etc. AND asking particpants to sign up for each Event they choose (this gives iGTR planners & race co-ordinators a good idea of turnout and which player Steam names to send event Invitations to. Good examples of this Steam Group Event notification & signup method are listed under http://steamcommunity.com/groups/IgnitionRacing#events. This method has worked well for Ignition Racing group.

I hope to join in your Events, see ya on track!:)

17-06-2015, 00:28
Hey Bmaytum, I don't actually see your response on the steam group so I'll respond here.

1. I think 2PM EST is pretty reasonable, any earlier and I think it would be just too early for people on the West Coast and 2PM EST is only 6PM GMT so it's not too late for racers from Europe. And it is a Sunday after all and I personally love to get some extra sleep on the weekend.
2. The events do have most of the info for the race i.e track, date, time and even the length of the race, however I prefer to have everyone signup on the forums. It's much easier for me to keep track of and I don't find the steam group settings are structured well enough to have a lot of info, it's more for the need to know info.

Thank you for your feedback, there are a few things we will be ironing out over the season.

17-06-2015, 03:28
Hiya GamingCanuck,

First, you're right my suggestions aren't posted at your Steam group. That's because I keep getting a Steam "communication error ... try again later..." message when I tried to add these comments on iGTR's Steam area, whether in Comment tab or as comment to your 2015 Schedule announcement on the Overview tab. I've tried multiple times after closing/reopening Steam, navigating away from then back to iGTR are, etc. Are you able to comment on iGTR Steam tabs?

Regarding your reply above about my 1) & 2), sounds OK. I assume you mean EDT (Eastern DAYLIGHT Time) at least for iGTR's summer race Schedule. I'm near San Francisco (PDT) which is GMT-8, EDT is therefore GMT-5, so 2pm EDT is 7PM GMT (Greenwich, England) , 8pm Germany (CET, GMT+1), and later in eastern Europe - hence my "at least one (or 2) hour" suggestion. US west coast @ 2pm EDT is 11AM, so practice+ qual means race start for PDT is 11:45am <= lunchtime here. I can't race & eat at the same time ;=)).

One BIG advantage of my suggestion #2) is that in Steam, you can view ALL Events individually for ALL Groups you belong to in one place! For example see mine here http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197966072340/events/. That way, you don't have to go to various group web pages or Steam Event tabs etc. to see them.

Also, please provide the URL for "... signup on the forums". I wanna signup, and I can recommend to many of my friends across US and some in western & eastern Europe to do the same.

And kudos for choosing ~200 KM (~125 mile) race length. That way the races will average about 1 hour in duration (that's about max for me), which many like. Of course there are those who like less (sprints) or more (enduros), but an hour is good. I forgot to also suggest using Team Speak 3 for player voice chat. Maybe a continual iGTR participant could arrange for a TS 3 server, and the TS3 server info could be posted in the iGTR forums.

Sounds good, eh? :cool:

Note in my sig below that I use Steam racer name EZTarget

17-06-2015, 11:58
Yup, the steam group seems to be working fine. Regarding time, yes my mistake, it is EDT not EST. 2PM EDT is still fairly reasonable in my opinion for both the West coast and most parts of Europe, obviously it's not going to work for everyone but I think it works for majority.

This is the link to the forums http://igtr.forumandco.com/ where all the race info and sign ups can be found. As far as a TS server, right now I will be using the Steam group chat which I think works fine but down the road a TS server will probably be added.

17-06-2015, 16:10
Hi GC,
I registered at your iGTR forum site this AM with my Steam name "EZTarget", thanks for link.
(Q1): I still can't put a comment on iGTR Steam Group, altho you and other group members can. Plz check to see if Commenting rights for non-Admins(?) need to be changed for your Steam Group.
(Q2): What are your expectations for percentage participation in the scheduled iGTR mixed-class races? I ask b/c I doubt I'll be able to attend all events, and I'm willing to lose points when I DNS (don't show up).
(Q3): Re forum > General Discussion > Best time at Spa thread: I have to wait 7 days from today's registration date to post HTML. So maybe you can post info that the official SMS Leaderboard for Z4 at Spa at
Z4 GT3 Spa (http://cars-stats-steam.wmdportal.com/index.php/leaderboard?track=904625875&vehicle=1161219858)
shows a few people times in 2:26 - 2:17. I dunno if Leaderboard results are from Solo, Time Trial, MP Race, or what.

18-06-2015, 01:29
I checked the steam group and all members can comment. As far as participation, I'm not sure, but I am hoping for at least 13 per race.

18-06-2015, 23:11
Season opener has been rescheduled to July 5th.

19-06-2015, 00:00
For what it's worth, pushing the start back an hour would help me tremendously. I have to catch a bus to get to work at 4PM Eastern every Sunday, so while I plan to attend each race I will probably never finish one. Of course, don't change it on my account as I'm perfectly fine with the situation, but I'm just throwing that out there.

As for the link for laptimes, I'm not listed on it and I've done some clean laps that should have me listed so it definitely doesn't record from races. I think it saves times done under the "time trial" option from the main menu only

19-06-2015, 20:41
I'm interested, hit me up on Steam: TehStretch

02-07-2015, 11:31
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the season opener is this Sunday, July 5th at 2PM EDT.

03-07-2015, 11:33
We still have 6 spots open for the season opener, we're also offering extra points for the top 3 finishers.

10-07-2015, 01:11
Second race of the season this Sunday, we still have some spots open. Feel free to sign up and come race with us!