View Full Version : Pcars Now Crashing After New 1.4 Patch

11-06-2015, 23:21
Anyone having any game crash after the patch in the middle of a quick game race? I never had this before the patch. Very strange. It happens every time after 3 or 4 laps of a quick race.

Playing the game on a AMD APU 17850K-Not OC, 8GB 2300 Ram Nvidia GTX 760

Like I said, I was running fine prior to the patch, no problems at all in terms of system crashes. Of course there were the mention bugs but never any game crash.

Thanks in Advance!

12-06-2015, 00:40
Update: I just tried it again but this time with Steam Offline and it seems to work now without crashing. Did a ten lap race with no problem. Steam must be the issue for me I guess.

Will update again as I play along. By the way, I have a Fanatec CSR wheel with Club Sports Pedals V1 and it is working fine as default.

Roger Prynne
12-06-2015, 00:42
Well for me Steam is still unpacking it... about 30 mins at the moment... WTH?
It never took more than a few seconds on previous updates even if it was 1GB

Edit: It's finished now.

12-06-2015, 01:04
Happened to me tonight trying to record a replay.. same point same lap every time.. tried 3x and gave up as i wanted to record at the 10min mark.. so had to skip every time xD
but ye, crashed at same point every time.. no error messages, just freezes for minutes, eventually shutting down the game

13-06-2015, 05:57
Just want to update.

Looks like things are working fine now. I did have a couple of a couple of issues where the track loading screen just kept going on and on and not loading but I did a reboot and all was good after the reboot. I know there are still some issues with the pit lane where if you go and change tires the pit crew will not put them on, but I know there are looking into it.

I just started a new career with the Formula Gulf and finished it with no problems at all doing the full laps for about two hours completing the champioship. Man!, that was fun! It's one of my favorite cars! easy to drive and fun to drive too!. I'm now advancing to Formula C. You can tell I'm having fun with PCars and my PC system isn't that great! Runs nice and smooth! I can imagine with a better GPU/CPU I would be heaven!

I know it's frustrating with the current issues and I'm not too happy about it either but give these guys(SMS) some time to get it all together. PCARS is going to get better! Give it a chance guys, SMS will listen and give us what we want but it will take a little time. Give them constructive feedback and suggestions and stop getting so upset with things we can not control. Life's too short for that. Give them positive feedback so you can help make the game better!