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12-06-2015, 00:19
I was successfully conquering laps around Spa yesterday. But after the patch (which I downloaded a few hours ago) I can't get into a race or free practice without getting stuck on the loading screen. The background music plays just fine, the loading clock spins like normal and the quick tips get updated every few seconds but it never leaves this screen. It hangs. I haven't come across this issue for the PC anywhere. Neither the selected car or track makes a difference. I end up using the task manager to close the program. To clarify, it is the loading screen that you get after selecting 'start' in the menu and the race itself....NOT the loading screen as the game boots (it boots just fine).

Verifying integrity of game cache through Steam didn't solve the problem nor did restarting the computer. Any other recommendations?

Platform: PC
Processor: i5-3210
Graphics card: nvidea 635m
Wheel: g27

12-06-2015, 00:33
I made zero changes other than opening and closing the game a few more times and both solo race and free practice now work. We'll see if it holds up.

12-06-2015, 04:43
I am having the same problem as OP, I have run a verify integrity cache check and that did not help. I have rebooted PC a couple of times and am still unable to get past the loading screen. Any ideas would be welcome.

12-06-2015, 05:50
Same here now for me. It just gets stuck on the loading screen. Now, I'm also getting

"Unhandled Exception Trapped Access Violation at 0x40a68843 Reading from Address 0xab18f74. Thread 0x000012c8
Error" Build SMSARI.20150609.1024.BLDA000.
After it hangs on the loading screen.

I never got this before the patch. I got to say, the patch came out of the oven too soon!...lol Now, I can't even play the game like I used to before...So sad!!

12-06-2015, 15:29
I had this problem until I cleaned my registry with CCCleaner. Loads as before now