View Full Version : Formula B Tire Temps After Pit Stop - Patch 1.4

12-06-2015, 00:34
I just did a trial 27 lap Quick Race with the Formula B at Monza. I used the same setup and pit stop setup as in previous tests. However, in both tests, after a pit stop for new tires, the tires (especially both rear tires) never came up to their normal tire temps. After a couple of laps the rear tires dipped into the blue and nothing I could do would get them back up to the previous laps temps. They were a good 15-20 degrees (Fahrenheit) lower. While the FR stayed green, it was also 10+ or so degrees below prior to the pit stop. I know that latter could have something to do with the rears not getting up to temp and the way I had to compensate my driving..... But something is not quite right here. This definitely was not the case on 1.3

No changes in the weather, ambient or track temps during the run.

12-06-2015, 18:00
I just did another test and the result still show tire temps after the pitstop that drop off. I am running tire wear at 2x.

Primary Setup: Faretti FB Slick
FL 148 FR 140
RL 141 RR 139

Pitstop same pressures "Soft" for tire selection.

12-06-2015, 20:10
[talking to one's self]

All I can say is that the pit crew must have faulty tire pressure gauges. Even starting with lower pressure (for higher temps), the drop off is similar after pit stop. I can do a pit stop and not get new tires and the tire temps stay up to temp.