View Full Version : Bug Report: Career - Ginetta Jr - Crew removes tires, does not replace...

12-06-2015, 01:44
I was halfway through a weekend at Oulton with the G40. Patch got installed. Went to race the 2nd race and after my mandatory pit stop I had no wheels (physically, but not graphically). The tyre indicator in the HUD was red (not blue or green), and the car was uncontrollable.

Happened twice in the career event.

Tested with a RUF R8 at Brands in a single race and this did not happen. Sound familiar to anyone?

12-06-2015, 14:33
yes m8 same here.....it is a known issue
i have posted a few times about this my third season and not until after patch 1.4 yesterday did this happen my guess its either 4 flat tyres put on the car or not changed atall when you do your mandatory pit stop...im waiting like you to let themfind out the bug and fix it ..until then no point in playing

15-06-2015, 02:12
Not sure if this was fixed in the official 2.8mb patch on Friday or if I came up with a workaround.

I changed the tyre pressure during the pitstop and the compound and everything was installed correctly. No recurrence after that.

15-06-2015, 02:23
This would be so much more efficient .