View Full Version : [BUG]Controller Disconnects. (Xbox One)

12-06-2015, 03:05
Xbox One controller Playing Project Cars I get the controller lights flickering then looses power and turns off.
I use to get this on 1.3 aswell but no where near as much, maybe once every few hours.

I need to disconnect cable from controller and plug back in for it to work. again. (without rebooting game)

This is more so apparent after 1.4 2-3 Times just trying to go around Nurb.

Thinks I have Tried:
Put pc in Performance Mode.
Set usb devices to Not sleep.
Bios enable Legacy USB devices.
Remove all other USB devices (besides Keyboard/Mouse)
Verify Game Install.
Test with other Games (no issue on Tomb Raider, ARK, AC or dosbox)
(system is clean from spyware, virus etc. Even have Avast on Gaming Mode)