View Full Version : Consoleracing South Africa: Mainly PS4 , but we cater for XBox One and PC as well.

12-06-2015, 06:55
Good day fellow racers.

We are based in South Africa and currently mostly a Playstation, GT based forum, but are trying to expand into other platforms as well.
We are mostly active on the PS4, but we do have someone that have setup a local server(South Africa) for the pc users and there are some good activity on that server as well, but are not limited to my forum.
We cater for the XBox community as well, but things have been a bit quiet on that front and I would love it if we can expand that section. In other words, I would like if we can attract XBox One Project Players.

We have an active Gran Turismo community and will kick off with our Project Cars championship on the 23rd of this month.

Our first championship involves the Group 5 cars, BMW 320 vs Ford Zakspeed Capri.

We are clean racers with a decent set of rules and etiquette to guide us.

Although this is a championship, we are trying to keep it less serious and have some fun at the same time.

You need to join our forum in order to partake in our races, as we race in private lobbies.

Not sure if I'm allowed to link to my forum, but here goes:


Group 5 Championship schedule

Group 5 Championship race schedule here (http://www.consoleracing.co.za/Forum/index.php?topic=9429.0)