View Full Version : Additional Main Forum Update Threads Needed?

12-06-2015, 07:08
Hi Guys n gals,

Before we get a tsunami of 1.4 Update related threads being created left right and centre all over the Forum (oopsies...too late :rolleyes:), I have a suggestion to help keep all things update related nice 'n tidy and therefore easier to reference - for not only this 1.4 update, but all future updates as well.

Basically, I feel the main forum page should add new Game Updates threads within each of the existing three main sections ie: Project CARS (PC), Project CARS on Playstation 4 & Project CARS on Xbox One.

Clicking on any of those new Game Updates links should then take forum users to the following sub-set of options -

- Game Update Changelog(s)
- Game Update General Feedback
- Game Update Bugs & Issues ONLY

In turn, each of those options would then have update # starter threads created by the Forum mods with each pending release of an update. So in this case, each of the above 3 sub-sections would have an Update 1.4 starter-thread within, to get the ball rolling. The next update would simply ADD Update 1.5 within each of the above 3 options, and so on etc..

This way, EVERYTHING update related can be kept easily accessible to ALL forum users - rather than having to trawl through the plethora of individual threads that will (and have already) begun to pop up all over the place in the forum. IMHO.

Waddya think?

Cheers guys. ;)