View Full Version : Patch 1.4 or DLC bug, unsure which

12-06-2015, 10:35
So I was on multiplayer in a GT3 lobby and wanted to try out my new Bentley GT3 on Monza. I did the qualifying and warm-up just fine, and ended up in 12th place as I couldn't set a lap (GT3 spins out quite quickly compared to the other cars I noticed), due to my inability to drive and set up a decent tune on the GT3.

The race was about to start, it did the cinematic zooming in on the grid etc, and all of a sudden my car is on top of another car and suddenly smashed to bits. It stops the cinematic cameras and goes to your racing camera, and I'm facing the wrong way, everyone else is lined up just fine, but I'm facing backwards. I instantly have a drive through penalty before the race has even started, even though I did nothing wrong during qualifying or Warm-Up. As not to ruin everyone else's race, (it was a 16 man lobby), I put the car into first before the lights change and drive onto the grass, no point not attempting to jump the lights as I already have a drive through penalty so my race is over. Not too bothered about that to be honest just thought you guys should know. There was only one other Bentley GT3 in the lobby, unsure what happened to him or if he had problems, but there were several cars that didn't move off the grid at the start so there was chaos and collisions resulting in debris all over the start grid, so was hard to see if anyone else suffered any bug related damage.

Oh and it's nice to see that I no longer smash into the wall at Spa :) Used to crash into the wall when leaving the pits whilst under the control of AI. That hasn't happened for a bit now :)

Summary: Bentley GT3 bugged out in Multiplayer, on top of another car during cinematic scene.

Loving the DLC by the way guys, only paid 2 for it as I got it as soon as I saw it, unfortunate for the guys that have had the price increase but I would gladly pay 1 per car for this pack, they're very highly detailed as are your other cars and I am having a blast in them :) Obviously other people have different ideas of value but I'm happy with the work and effort you have put in, and for less than someone would get in pocket money, they're a real treat for so little money. Keep up the good work :)

12-06-2015, 14:33
Its neither.

Unfortunately its a known issue, but its hard to reproduce, as it occures only seldom.
So, Devs are working on it already.

12-06-2015, 15:01
During the overhead view, before a race starts, I've seen cars upside down, one on top of another or facing the wrong way. You'll quickly see those drivers asking what is going on in chat. Their race is ruined at that point. Multiplayer starting grids are pretty much a "hope and pray" event for me, hoping and praying my car doesn't fall victim to these issues.

13-06-2015, 00:42
Ah ok fair enough. :) Never happened to me before so I suppose I've just been lucky up to now :)

Umer Ahmad
13-06-2015, 01:22
Yeah i've raced many Bentleys with no issue. This is some kind of bad synch