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12-06-2015, 11:56
xbox one version: This is my first ever post I have created for any game so bare with me.
and Controller:

where do I begin. First paying a high price for a unfinished game then having to put up with all the bugs then having to wait for the updates and now the game has the cheek to ask for money for new DLC considering that the game is still broken considering other games like Gran Turismo 6 gave a lot of free DLC that's free

Now this crap of, they will give ye some crappy free road cars every month and then charge you money for the cars you really want its just gone beyond a joke at this stage the way its going now you should of just stayed with EA as their publisher even though that would of been even worse at least the cars would be there.

my final few complaints are as follows to do with the 65 cars that you get at the start now that wouldn't of been such a problem when the company said that, that was down to making the cars realistic to handle well then tell me why that maclaren gt3 car was so fast if it was to be realistic and how a lot of the fords handle like crap like the Cosworth and that Capri thing and there are other cars there that also handle odd now. one more thing this problem with the corrupted saved data you get with the game, I found are down to the fact that I don't have internet at home yet so I have to go to friends house to get new patches etc but when I play career mode offline at home then go and get new patch then replay the game offline the sync system acts up and then the saved data gets corrupted which pisses me off, I don't get this problem with forza 5 or horrizon 2.

I do use the control pad when playing this game but I would still expect more realistic handling to be pertraded through the pad, One more thing the settings when you turn traction control off etc I find the settings are little bit soft I was expecting a lot more from certain cars, when I would put full throttle down on the trigger that the car would spin more easily.

Just to finish on this last piece like I think the game has potential and I have nothing against the developers just why didn't they test the game the right way in the first place instead of rolling out a very buggy game it just damages any relationship in the future if they make say pcrs2 etc.

12-06-2015, 12:37
The DLC is an addition to the game, not part of the game that you bought, of course they have every right to charge for it. Woith regards to 'giving unwanted road cars' granted I am not a big fan of the road cars either, but its simple economics, supply and demand. The racing DLC is desirable by people and see's people wanting to pay for it, the road cars less so.

Games and software come out these days as a result of Agile project development (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development), they are patched as needed. As for expense it is the same price as any other game launched on the next gen consoles. Also check out release problems and bugs with games like Battlefield 4/Sim City/Unity to name but a few. The game is released in a state where it is playable.

When you say the cars don't handle realistically you really need to expand on this with details, saying everything is rubbish or to that effect is not very constructive and provides no help to anyone.

12-06-2015, 12:45

anyhooooooo.... onto next useful thread on this forum ;)

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And another useless rant thread closed.

Ian Bell
12-06-2015, 12:48
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